Personalized Training in Photography, Photoshop, and Studio Lighting

I conduct training classes (maximum 3 students in size) in which I match your skill level with someone else, or I teach you one on one. All classes are hands-on and you are given an instructional guide of the class to take with you. Instruction is based on what you would like to learn and the skills necessary to carry you forward.

Class subjects available:

  • Camera use, beginning to advanced levels
  • Photography and creating great pictures of all types of subjects, including HDR photography
  • Photoshop, beginning to advanced levels
  • Studio Lighting and set design, beginning level taught in my studio

Cost: $10 per hour per student with a two-hour minimum


  • A DSLR camera with a basic zoom lens will be required for most classes. An advanced point-and-shoot camera can be used during some classes based on
    discussion with me prior to class.
  • For some classes, the use of a laptop will be necessary with Adobe Photoshop already installed.
  • All ages accepted based on the student, please discuss this with me in detail.

    To book time, call 813-368-9767 or by email at

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